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Trade Paperback 978-1-947122-46-8
A Vow Unbroken
By: S. M. Savoy



Vows are nothing to take lightly, especially when enforced by magic…

In just a few more months, Charlie will finally be a lieutenant in the Marines and able to embrace his true nature, but while everything appears to be going well, he can’t seem to get a handle on his anger— or his jealousy.

His rage over Oz and Sara’s abduction is keeping them in a loop that he’s desperate to get out off. Desperate enough to break the first vow he ever made...

Magic complicates everything…

5x8_Cream_366 Heaven Scent.jpg
Trade Paperback 978-1-947122-44-4
Heaven Scent
By: C. M. Conney
Paranormal Romance



The past can't be outrun…

Mark never imagined becoming a father, but now that dream is within his grasp– if his secrets don’t tear them apart.

But it isn’t Mark’s past that he should be worried about...

Kelly’s past has come back to haunt her with a vengeance. Her sister is determined to reclaim the fate she’d thought would be hers and is willing to do anything to make her dreams come true–even if that means murdering her entire family...


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Forged By Lightning

Book 4 in The Return of the Fae


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