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Trade Paperback 978-1-947122-50-5


 Lady Phillipa Scarlet Blackwood was just a normal human woman---until she wasn’t

When Phillipa is murdered by her cousin Edmund, she finds herself trapped in the realm between worlds, able only to watch the rare happenings in the room where she died. Time passes as she drifts in the dark until the screams of another woman pull her back into the land of the living. She emerges hundreds of years after her death with no idea how or why she can possess the murderer or why she feels so connected to the woman she saved.  All she knows is that she's no longer human. Seething anger calls to her, empowers her, feeds a hunger in her soul--leaving those she feeds upon completely at her mercy--a mercy that the cold dark has made a dim memory.

Trade Paperback 978-1-947122-51-2

By: S. M. Savoy
Science Fiction



Dusted by an alien pathogen—Mia has no intention of becoming a government lab rat.

Without warning, an alien ship appears above Chicago and dusts the populace with a biological agent. Enormous animals are spotted, people-sized squirrels, and huge cats and dogs. Rumors abound, each more outlandish than the last, but Mia knows there’s some truth to them.

She’s been infected by the contagion and her neighbors are killing the infected. If Mia’s found out, the best she can expect is a bullet, but it’s more likely to be a lifetime of experimentation.  She’s certain the government will hold her to discover how she can become a rat.

Chicago is under quarantine, and the Army is deadly serious about keeping the locals contained. As the city’s infrastructure collapses, civil unrest rises, and Mia is trapped in a city that is hunting aliens and fighting amongst themselves. Fear makes her rat form manifest and she’s terrified. Her rat is small and weak and she has a family to worry about. She needs to escape before she’s dusted too...


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Forged By Lightning

Book 4 in The Return of the Fae


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