The Real Deal

Nothings sure except death and taxes.


An identity thief turns Navy SEAL Dan Barstow's life upside down. Mistakenly married to the woman of his dreams, IRS agent Angelina Morrow, Dan falls in love. Armed men are hunting her down for reasons neither of them know. Although violent men terrify her, a hard man is what she needs. And Dan will do anything to keep his new wife safe— whether she likes it or not!

ISBN: 978-1-947122-08-6

The Real Deal
By: C. M. Conney


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When lightning irradiates Team Valor, led by Charlie Hayes, five professional video game players find themselves able to use the magic of their game characters. But, there's no time to plan, practice, or recover from the lightning that transformed them. ISIS has kidnapped a squad of Marines and is beheading one soldier every eight hours.  And Charlie's brother, Rick, is one of those Marines.

ISBN:   978-1-947122-11-6

By: S. M. Savoy

ISBN-  978-1-947122-11-6

Book Cover, Erotica, Ma and woman kissng aganst a wall
Rock the Boat
An Erotic Thriller
By: Carol Edward


Rock the Boat

Three's a crowd but four is deadly!


Sergeant Nicholas Rossi will do everything in his power to ensure Ashlee Evans becomes his wife. His work is cut out for him though as Ashlee is married to his best friend, Mike. Confident in his wife's love, Mike offers to share her as they’ve done with other women in the past. Despite the possibility of court-martial, and the guilt he feels, Nick agrees. Nick has an advantage in his quest for Ashlee's love, he lives with her while Mike is stationed overseas and Nick's pursuit seems to be working. Ashlee says she loves him, but before he can implement his plan to convince her to leave Mike, things go wrong- A kidnapping, a murder, and a mother obsessed with the sins of the past.

ISBN: 978-1-947122-10-9