Danu's Children

S. M. Savoy

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A Mother's Wrath is Nothing Compared to a Protection Paladin's Fury...

Jen Frey is a mother, wife, and a knight of the Round Table. She's also a protection paladin, and when the church kidnaps her son, she's willing to do anything to retrieve him, including letting the last scraps of her humanity slip away. Word travels slowly when the only means of transportation is by the fastest horse, and Jen leaves shocked humans in her wake as she rampages across the world on her flying steed in search of the culprits who've taken Danu's children.



ISBN eBook:978-1-947122-31-4
Trade Paperback 978-1-947122-37-6
Essence of the Storm
By: S. M. Savoy


of the Storm

The End of an Eon

A previously unknown gas rises from the ocean floor and sweeps the Earth, reducing every manufactured item that it touches to its base elements, leaving a devastated world in its wake. But there are some survivors. And among them are those who can capture and use this gas to reform the elements to their will—

They call them the makers…

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A Rogue's Passion

Charlie's Rogue Needs a Warrior of Her Own



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A Rogue's Passion


Learning at an ever-increasing rate, Sara and Oz begin putting their security devices in action and not a moment too soon. An overheard conversation soon pits Team Valor against Mr. X, an unknown enemy who’s willing to kill to keep his secrets. Every layer of deceit they unravel leads to deeper, more troubling ones, and Team Valor doesn’t know who to trust. The magic is making demands of its own, and the pressure on Charlie increases as he tries to keep it satisfied. To make Stasia happy, and keep the magic content, Charlie and Sara attempt to transform Joy. An attempt that has repercussions they didn’t expect. The magic and Sara’s needs aren’t compatible, and Charlie finds out sometimes stepping back to let others fight their own battles is the hardest fight to face.