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ISBN eBook:978-1-947122-31-4
Trade Paperback 978-1-947122-37-6
Essence of the Storm
By: S. M. Savoy


of the Storm

The End of an Eon

A previously unknown gas rises from the ocean floor and sweeps the Earth, reducing every manufactured item that it touches to its base elements, leaving a devastated world in its wake. But there are some survivors. And among them are those who can capture and use this gas to reform the elements to their will—

They call them the makers…

Storm Wrought


ISBN eBook:978-1-947122-41-3
Trade Paperback 978-1-947122-40-6
By: S. M. Savoy



‘A Posse ad Esse’
From Possibility to Reality

The Storm has left a devastated world in it’s wake, and it’s every man- and woman- for themselves. But the Storm has also left behind it’s essence, which some can use to shape natural elements to their will. Now it’s up to the survivors to build a new world in the storm-wrought rubble of the old. And it’s up to the Makers to protect what they’ve wrought, hone their craft and  build a new empire- while all around them descend into savagery...

The Next Stage of

Evolution Has Begun…

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