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Return of the Fae
By: S. M. Savoy


Return of the Fae

The fall into the past.


Medieval England is a nightmare for a modern woman. Luckily for Jen Frey, when she arrives there through a magic portal, she possesses magic of her own. But now she’s trapped with no way back to her own time. She’s determined to make a safe place she and her fellow time travelers can live, one where women are equal and using magic won’t get you burned at the stake.

ISBN: 978-1-947122-16-1



Danu's Children

S. M. Savoy

ISBN eBook:978-1-947122-39-0
Trade Paperback 978-1-947122-38-3

Danu's Children

A Mother's Wrath is Nothing Compared to a Protection Paladin's Fury...

Jen Frey is a mother, wife, and a knight of the Round Table. She's also a protection paladin, and when the church kidnaps her son, she's willing to do anything to retrieve him, including letting the last scraps of her humanity slip away. Word travels slowly when the only means of transportation is by the fastest horse, and Jen leaves shocked humans in her wake as she rampages across the world on her flying steed in search of the culprits who've taken Danu's children.





ISBN eBook: 978-1-947122-26-0


When the Frey arrives— the fray begins!

Jen Frey is a modern woman plunked without warning into a medieval world. Gifted with magic, but cursed to live in a time when magic is reviled and women of little worth, Jen finds herself at odds with the church.

Her modern ideals threaten the very existence of the priesthood, and they'll stop at nothing to eradicate the threat the Fae represent.

But Jen is also a protection paladin who's made vows to the Earth itself, and she's willing to shed her pacifist ways if that's what it takes to keep those in her care safe.

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